30 May 2008

Future posts!

This was a feature I knew Blogger was testing, but they've now made it live.

You can now schedule when you want your posts to go up!

So if you have five postings and want to spread them out over a certain time period under post options, change the date and time to some point in the future, and Blogger won't post them until that time point. It's a great way to do a time capsule effect, in that you can post your thoughts today and set the post to publish in a month, a year, 10 years, and see how your thoughts have changed.

CIL preconfrence thoughts

That's right...I'm setting aside time today and tomorrow to finally finish blogging on Computers in Libraries so I can post on other exciting topics...

It's been two months so my thoughts are kinda of blurred now (which is why I should have finished this a while ago), but both pre-conference workshops were fantastic. I've been able to take ideas that I've learned from them and start incorporating them into work life here. We have plans for doing a library 2.0 session over the summer for all members of our staff and I've been able to introduce some of the elements I learned from Almost Baldgeek and Librarian In Black workshop on training staff with technology, such as the hands on workshops. I've also been able to share some elements to make a great podcast, such as not reading directly from the script, that I learned from David and David.

Although the cost of the pre-conference seemed a bit high, the information that was shared was well worth while (see previous posts for full details.) The speakers were engaging as they shared the information they had. The audience felt like they really had a chance to participate in the podcasting/videocasting workshop and to gain an understanding of some different methods that can be used to train staff in technology.