08 December 2008

The stories in life

Wow, over an entire month has passed since I last updated. I've had ideas and started drafts and had good intentions of posting but real life kept getting in the way. So for those of you still around thanks! If you left, I really hope you come back.

Part of what has kept me posting has been various life events. As I mentioned a couple posts back I've made the decision to look for a new position. I'm searching for a position that for various reasons will better meet the needs I have to take the next step in my professional career and grow and flourish. It's nothing against my current work place, they just aren't quite what I need at this point. So the job hunt has taken up some of my time (okay a fair amount of effort looking for the right place.) Hopefully something will happen in the next few weeks.

During this search I've learned a lot about what makes me, me and how the place that I work at can contribute to that. Conversely I've also found the opposite and that's also helped me with my job search. It's been an interesting experience. And one of the things that I've realized during this search is that I used to tell pretty good stories (or at least I thought I did.) Yet, somehow during this search and a few other things that have happened I forgot how to tell stories. No I don't mean telling "stories" as fibs, but telling the story of my day, week, life. My journey as it was. I had become more focused on the sentences and paragraphs, or the half story lines that never got completed. It wasn't until preparing for an interview that I realized that I missed being able to tell stories. That I missed being able to tell those that I interact with what's going on.

So I'm trying again. I'm going to try to tell more stories of my day and life. Maybe they'll only end up as drafts of blog posts or sharing frustrations in more private venues, but I'm going to try to focus on more of the story and not just the parts.

So thanks for listening to my story thus far. And for a few folks (whom I don't wanna embarrass) thank you for listening to more of my bits of stories over the last few months than others. You know who you are (or at least I hope you do) and thank you for your advice, patience, and friendship during this time.