23 January 2011


More and more lately I've been thinking about how my life (and life in general) is defined by the choices that I make.  Not those huge ones that we all struggle with, those obvious life changing decisions, but the smaller ones...the ones that we don't always notice or think about at the time, but can greatly influence are lives anyway.

Like whether or not to go out and eat, because that $6 might come in handy later for something else.
Like asking the cute redhead girl whose cutting your hair what her name is
Like how you greet your colleagues that day

All such seemingly little choices, but all having such greater impact than we might initially think they do. 

I know, I know we shouldn't agonize over every small decision and I won't (nor should you)...but I'm thinking perhaps I should consider them a bit more carefully.  Perhaps it will change the direction of my day or perhaps it will lead me to something new that my library can do...or perhaps it will just make someone's day.

(and I do wish I had asked the cute redhead what her name is)