24 February 2009

Well wishes and good thoughts to Greg and UV

There are a large number of us that have listened to and followed the podcast Uncontrolled Vocabulary, a place for librarians to come and discuss current news in the library world. The shows founder and host, Greg S is taking a well deserved hiatus to focus on his family. I admire Greg, for the fact that he started the show when there was nothing like it (still isn't!) and that he's able to step back to take care of something even more important than the show.

I regret that I only participated in the chat and never did call in, but I always enjoyed listening to the show and appreciate the fact that it's still around to enjoy. So I'll just say see you soon Uncontrolled Vocab.

23 February 2009

Heroes--common, uncommon, and otherwise

One of the radio stations that I listen to has been running a promo the past couple of weeks called "uncommon heroes" where listeners had a chance to call in and share about someone that they considered an "uncommon hero." I'm not quite sure what makes someone an "uncommon" hero since heroes can be made of anyone, but many folks shared about teachers or parents, but the variety was kinda of amazing to hear.

And I wondered how many of the people that were brought up knew that they were heroes to someone? I mean think about it who starts out there day really thinking I'm going to be a hero to someone today! I know Dr.'s, police officers, fire fighters, etc. save people's lives everyday, but do they think about being someone's hero? It reminded me of a story I heard while I was student teaching about how a teacher saved a student's life, all because of a simple act of placing an arm around the student's shoulder. The student realizing that there were people that cared found the help that she needed to go on. I don't know if the story is true or not, but it's always made me try to think about my actions.

So on that note I thought I'd ask y'all who are you heroes? Whose someone that's touched your life, whether they knew it or not?

Here are a few of mine:
Couch Garrett was one of the soccer coaches that I had growing up during my teen years (AYSO soccer) and probably the best one that I ever encountered. Instead of being all about winning and playing the best players while the scrubs sat on the sidelines, he actually took time to nurture players who weren't the best (like myself) and ensure that we all had fun playing. Every single player got to play, every single player was honored at the end of the year for their accomplishments, and we all played as a team. Every game we cheered each other on and supported each other. Parents could complain all they wanted to about how their son should play more because they wanted to win, but coach wouldn't have any of it. We actually did make it to a tournament that year and finished second. It wasn't because the best players played all the time, it was because coach ensured that we knew the meaning of being a team.

Mr. Tucker was my middle school art teacher. Now think about that for a second, he was an art teacher with a bunch of middle school students. Hormones running rampant, adolescent confusion, insecurity, the whole nine yards, plus being a male teacher. But he survived and helped us excel. Everyone that entered that room knew that he cared about them. He treated us like we were human beings. He didn't talk down to us, but talked to us. I can't say it was on an adult level, but he talked to us and listened to us, which is what so many of us needed. He made sure that if we needed help with our projects we got it. He nurtured us to be more than we were and to succeed beyond what we could ever imagine. I owe so much of what I accomplished in art to him.

Rev. Lyndon Harris was one of my priest's growing up. I can't say that I really remember everything that he did while I was there (during my teen years), but watch this YouTube video and you'll get a sense of who he is. And if you want to know more check out this page.

Others: Dr. Davis, Dr Parris, Rev. Clay Turner, and so many more.

No this isn't everyone, but it's some.

Please feel free to share yours in the comments or post to blog and link back or whatever makes you happiest.