07 April 2008

Computers in Libraries...musings

End of the 1st day and I still haven't blogged about the preconferences...I'll get to that in a bit and then have to catch up with everything else. After I decipher my notes. Cryptic handwriting is always a good thing. I think perhaps I should change the title of the blog to deal with my handwriting. Thankfully no one at CIL has had to see it yet.

The hardest part of CIL thus far has been to decide which presentations to go to. There are so many different options and I can't go to them all. I'm trying to make the best use of time to go to what I'm interested in and come out with ideas to bring back to my library. I've decided that next year someone else has to come with me to divide the work. Either that or figure out how to clone myself, and to be honest no one really wants two of me wandering around (not even me).

The coolest thing about the conference are the people that I've met. I've met and talked to librarians from Canada, MD, VA, assorted other states; a library science student that has made really, really good use of her school time to go to all different types of conferences; a librarian from the National Geographic library (seriously, I didn't know that they had a library...makes sense in hindsight, but really cool sounding job!); and the celebrities of the conference. It's been a blast to actually meet the people whose blogs I've been following or whom I've followed on Twitter. I've found that some are shorter than I thought, some skinnier, all better looking than their pictures, and all fun to talk too. Each of them that I've met so far has taken the time to meet with me, answer my questions, encouraged me to ask more if I have them, and just share their time in general. You can't ask for anything more than that. All of the people have been like that and it is fantastic!

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