20 August 2008

Unofficial Librarian Bio.

Colleen Harris, aka WarMaiden, has suggest a meme of unofficial librarian biographies where librarians rewrite their bio to express their inner selves, rather than the stuffy boring versions your POW makes you use. It began out of a FreindFeed conversation that Iris began.

So here's mine....
Andrew, aka ashuping aka Andy, has been around books so long he can tell you with LC heading the material falls into and best guess as to why. He discovered libraries in High School, hiding out during the lunch period and continued on in undergrad. Even though he was forced to clean toner bottles his first year of employment he continued working in the library, eventually obtaining official "Librarian" status. He now makes his living bringing access services into the 20th century. He spends his free time exploring the world of lego's, plotting with cats to take over the world, and he has an army of polar bears at his command to destroy his enemies at a moment's notice. He routinely contracts out the polar bears to help his friends in need.

Check out the bio's for WarMaiden, Kendra, and InfoSciPhi.

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