19 January 2010

Changes be coming this way...

You'll notice that my blog roll is currently empty. Well it wasn't on purpose, but it serves a purpose. I've had the same template design since I started the blog and although I've added widgets over on the side I haven't changed the design much.

So over the next couple of weeks I'm working on picking out a new template. I'll likely have to write it from scratch so I'm really hoping it won't mess up the RSS feed (it shouldn't since I'm not moving it to a different site) and doesn't create any troubles with reading my posts. So I look forward to debuting it in a couple weeks.

Second change...as some of y'all know I really like using free software (see my presentations at: http://www.slideshare.net/ashuping) and I really want to get better about reviewing them and building a semi-usable list that people can refer too. So instead of writing the reviews here I'm going to have a second blog just for reviews. I'm working on getting that set up and will let y'all know when its up and going.

So those are all of the changes at the moment.

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