02 March 2014

What it is...

I had a different post that I had planned on writing today.  A follow up to a post from a couple of months ago.  But that changed a little while ago....I noticed that friends were tweeting with the hashtag #NotMyShrink and discussing some of the judgments they've faced for having depression, anxiety, and other illnesses that can't be seen.  And I can say for the most part...I've been lucky not to face that.

But, sometimes I have had trouble describing what depression/anxiety is like. It's one of those things that can be hard to explain and even harder to understand, because while it never really goes away, how it acts and how it behaves changes...sometimes on a day to day basis, sometimes on an hour to hour basis.  One of the blogs that I follow, linked to another blogger and her post on depression.  And that's what I wanted to share today.  Why is this post so special?  Because she's a writer...and she's written one of the best explanations I have ever come across on what depression is like for those of us dealing with it.  So please...take just a moment to read it. It might just help...you or others.

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