17 February 2015

I'm teaching a class on comics, sign up!

I'm excited to announce that this August I will be teaching a class for Library Juice Academy called "Comics, Literacy, and Standards."  It's a 4 week class and here's what we'll be covering:

Comics have made their mark upon the world of entertainment, from movies, TV, to even music. Now they're beginning to show up in discussions on promoting education and literacy for students of all ages. How is this possible? And how do you make the argument to administration and teachers that comics have value beyond just entertainment? This course will give you the basics of terminology, standards that comics meet, and ways to sell these important works to the administration and faculty that you work with.
By the end of the course you will be able to:
  • Define basic comics terms, such as gutter, panel, border, caption and more.
  • Outline a basic argument of how comics:
  • Support literacy and critical thinking skills
  • Support and meet the common core standards in multiple areas
  • Promote both verbal and visual literacy for readers
  • Match standards to comics
  • Match comics to programs and readers, based upon content, images, style and purpose.
If this is an area of the comics world that you'd like to learn more about then sign up and we'll get started in August.  Hope to see you all in August!

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