17 July 2008

The sin of silence

To me it often feels like society pressures us to go non-stop, seemingly 24 hours a day, even on the weekends. We have to work to afford the necessities of life and a few extras to keep us from going completely off the deep end. Somedays it seems like work thinks that it is the be all end all, the all mighty point in life, and steals hours and often days away. Then its off to home where projects lay and await to greet us. Painting, cleaning, etc. Or family obligations of loved ones wait to meet us when we walk in. When do we get a few moments to ourselves? Why does it feel like its a sin to ask for a few moments of silence, to watch as a storm goes by or the cats chase a bug around the apartment?

This is something that I'm struggling to deal with and to learn about. I'm having to learn that those projects that are sitting on my table, while it will be nice to finish them, aren't all important. So my apartment is slightly cluttered, it's not the end of the world. That work, no matter what they tell me, is not the be all end all. The world won't end because a report didn't get written on time or that statistics weren't compiled to sit on someone's desk for a month. And that they can't keep stealing all of my time away.

I'm learning I am allowed to have a life of my own, even if its just for a for an hour each day where I can sit in silence. I've started listening more to the wind blow and the sun shine on those moments when I can. And that no matter what others may tell me, that as long as I'm happy, sitting in silence for a few minutes isn't a sin.

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Colleen said...

Telling yourself it's not a sin is the first slippery step on the fall into the abyss. take it from a lapsed catholic. We know.

Also, I am totally taking this as permission to not work on unfinished projects from home and to not clean my apartment. You liberate me, man *wink*