11 July 2008

The tao of cats

I've decided to develop a new philosophy based upon cats. It came about after looking at my life, the stress from work and life in general, and watching my cats. I discovered that I could learn a lot by watching them that could be applied to my own life. And yes I know others have probably discussed similar things, but this is my own take on it. And this was developed with the help of someone who at the moment will be nameless [not sure if they want to be associated with the tao of cats just yet :)]

It's still a work in progress, but here's what I've learned from observation of these fascinating creatures:
  • Find a position that's comfortable and take a nap. The sun is the best spot, but other places may work as well.
  • When you want attention just flop down, roll over, and let people know you need a bit of attention. But be careful, don't do it to often or you'll get ignored.
  • If you're hungry, get up eat and drink. Just make sure play with the water while doing so. It needs to be taught whose in charge each time.
  • Go exploring! Paw open those cabinets and doors. You'll never know where a surprise might be hidden away.
  • Make some noise and let people know that you've got something to say. If it's 3 in the morning and it's important, wake them and let them know.
  • Play with your toys! Bells are best and make lots of noise, but others work as well.
  • Play with your siblings, but make sure your nice to them, you never know when they might get bigger than you are.
If you more suggestions add away in the comments.

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