16 October 2008

GA COMO Presentation

For those that were at my presentation this afternoon thanks for listening and congrats you found me on the web! For other folks here is my PPT presentation:

And here is the delicious list of software.
I'm still working on adding stuff in so don't worry if you don't see all the items from the presentation yet, they'll be there. I'll blog more about this later as I must finish posting/updating elsewhere :)

***Update--I've actually added the link for delicious (sorry!) I'll also be doing another blog post this weekend on my notes from the conference so if you weren't able to come you can still get the gist I've what I said.


robin said...

thanks for sharing -- I've already started sending it around. ;-)
Good overview of all of my faves ;-) and thanks for the info on wiziq. Very cool product.

EBBlack said...

You did an awesome job! really, really enjoyed your session yesterday. Am headed to FotoFlexer now :-)

Elaine Black, GPLS