30 March 2009

CIL and me

This is my second year being at Computers in Libraries. Last year was my first time attending a library conference of this scale comprised of librarians across the country...and people whose blogs that I follow. I have to admit that I was a bit intimidated last year. I met and talked to a few folks whose blogs that I followed the longest and a couple of other really cool people, but for the most part I stayed back from the crowd.

This year is a bit different. Over the past year I've gotten to "meet" a lot of really cool people virtually. People that I missed last year at CiL. When some of these folks heard that I didn't talk to many people last year they told me the next time I can back I'd better talk to people or else. So because I really did want to meet some of those folks (and that "or else" was kinda of scary) I've been trying to talk and meet more of the people that I know virtually. And I've really enjoyed it. It's made the time go by faster, definately made the conference more interesting (and yes it's only the 1st day), and given me ideas of what I can take back.

I look forward to meeting more folks and attending some good presentations (already heard a few...posts coming!) If I haven't met you yet it's either cause I'm not sure its you or I'm a bit intimidated, so just walk up to me or something :)

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