16 October 2013

The reviews, they be moving!

It probably comes as no surprise but...I like reviewing books.  I like reading books.  I mean I am a librarian after all.  And at least once a month I'm posting a review of a book on this site and I've got many, many more that I just post on LibraryThing or Amazon, without ever posting here.  Which isn't a bad thing, but given that I'm going to be reviewing even more books and that I'd like to get back into the habit of writing about libraries again here, I'm going to shift my book reviews to a Wordpess Install.  So...from now on all new book reviews will be posted over on Musing Librarian Reviews: http://ashuping.net/blog/.  I've imported the posts from this site over there, but don't worry these posts will remain here as well.

If you enjoy my book reviews, feel free to follow my new blog it should be fun!  Otherwise be prepared for my random musings upon the library world once more.

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