25 December 2014

Holiday Wishes


In this time of celebration
In this time of remembrance
In this time of joy
In this time of sadness

May you find treasures near
May the memories be strong cherished ones
May you find hope even when all seems lost
May you find joy even when the sadness is overwhelming

May you find peace, even in the darkness
May you find love, even amongst the hate

My hopes and wishes for you all for this upcoming year

May we all be able to see things from anther person's perspective and to understand them a little bit better, even if for you just a brief while.

Know that when all is dark and hope seems lost, remember that in this world, in this place, in this moment, someone, somewhere gives a shit about you.

And may a light always shine your way.

Whatever you may celebrate, whatever you may believe, and wherever you may be in this journey called life...merry holidays.

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